Jeff Yang


A self-acknowledged geek of all trades, Jeff Yang began reading comics with the venerable "G.I. Joe" series created by Larry Hama, and quickly moved on to the stories of men (and women) in tights made available by the twin titans, DC and Marvel. He became a "double-buy" guy in high school, purchasing two copies of particularly collectible issues—one for reading, one for storing away mint. Although the discovery of girls led to a brief comics-free interlude his senior year, he reconnected with comics during college, and has never been unfaithful again.

Yang founded and was editor and publisher of the pioneering Asian American periodical aMagazine for over a dozen years. He has written for a wide range of publications, from Spin to Vibe to Mademoiselle, and has been a columnist and featured contributor for the Village Voice, the anime/manga magazine Animerica, and the comics and gaming magazine Flux, as well as SFGate, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, where he currently writes the biweekly column "Asian Pop."

He has also written three books—"Eastern Standard Time" (Houghton Mifflin); "I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action" (Ballantine, the action icon's official autobiography); and "Once Upon a Time in China” (Atria/Pocket Books)—and can be seen on VH1 and heard as a special correspondent on New York's flagship NPR station, WNYC.

Somewhere along the line, he managed to convince the former Ms. Heather Ying to marry him. She does not hyphenate her name. Heather and Jeff have two sons: five-year-old Hudson and one-year-old Skyler.