Jerry Ma

art director

So here’s the setup: Two brothers are sitting at home watching cable TV on their couch. "Man...why is it whenever I watch a movie...all the Asian characters are either female prostitutes or male sidekicks that know how to pop a kick? Why are Asian people never portrayed in a cool way?"

"Yeah.  I mean, we don't even get our version of ‘Boyz N the Hood.’"

"Man...we should make a comic about some urban Asian guys that have style.  And could be masculine and tough, but not have to use martial arts to do it.  And the crazy thing about our comic would be that the Asian girl would actually be with an Asian guy.  I mean...have you ever seen that in a movie?"

"What would we call it?"

"Something cool...something like....Burn."

Since that conversation, Jerry became one of the first creators on Digital Webbing Presents, where his graphic short story “Burn” evolved into an acclaimed self-published indie title, leading Jerry to launch the indie comics studio Epic Proportions along with his brothers and a few talented friends. To support his passion, Jerry has used his graphic skills to design clothes, illustrate magazines, and design characters for cartoons—but with “Secret Identities,” Jerry has finally come full circle to his first love, comics.