Parry Shen

managing editor

In 1987, after satisfyingly re-reading (and then carefully re-bagging) all 12 issues of Marvel’s “Secret Wars”, Parry Shen firmly declared to his parents, “Man, I’ll never stop reading comics”. To which they assured him, “Don’t worry—you’ll grow out of it.”

However, seven years later, Parry was delving in the editorial side at Marvel Comics—specifically on the “Beavis & Butthead” book. This was a time where Parry’s grammar got “badder” after having to answer fan mail in the “voices” of the troubled youths in every issue. But times were tough at Marvel and Parry switched gears to telling stories in front of a camera.    

Although he’s had prominent roles in Paramount’s “Better Luck Tomorrow”, Columbia Pictures’, “The New Guy”, slasher flick “Hatchet” and cyberpunk feature “The Gene Generation,” along with shows: “Thief”, “Tru Calling”, “Veronica Mars” and “Without a Trace”—those that know him best understand why his personal favorite is a minor gig on “Spider-Man 2.” The background male Chinese voices in that scene with Peter and MJ in Chinatown?   Yep, all Parry.

“Secret Identities” is Parry’s return into a medium that initially sparked his imagination and love for storytelling over two decades ago.  He resides in Southern California with his wife Kim and daughters Avery and Kori (whose first outfits were custom-made, pink and white Supergirl onesies!).  More at: